General Information


If your child is going to be away, please phone the School or Report an Absence online (click the button below) or text before 8.55am of that day. If we do not receive a phone call, text or note we will contact you either by phone or text. Our text number is: 027 919 8114.

This is a safeguard for your child so that teachers & parents know of the child’s whereabouts at all times. You have a legal obligation to ensure your child attends school. All absences need to be substantiated.

Please make sure that you explain the reason so that we can code the absence accordingly.

Report an Absence Online


Assemblies are held every Monday from 9.00am – 9.30am. This time is used for setting the week’s expectations. There is also a Friday assembly, 11.45am – 12.30pm where every second Friday a class will celebrate their learning by hosting an assembly and inviting whanau back into their classroom afterwards. Every other Friday our Senior Leaders host the assemblies.

Appointments with Staff

The Staff, including the Principal, are more than happy to talk to you about any concerns you may have with your child or within the school. Please contact the office to arrange a convenient time to meet with the Teachers/Principal.


We are very lucky to have a comprehensive CCTV system in place monitoring the school at all times.

Civil Defence | Emergencies

Should any major disaster or emergency occur, children would be held at school, under supervision, until a parent or authorised person comes to pick them up.

Duffy Books

We are a Duffy School which promotes books in homes.

Education Outside the Classroom

Outdoor Education forms an important part of every child’s learning. All classes will regularly have experience beyond the walls of their room.


Many parents like their children to get into the habit of a small amount of regular homework.

Lost Property  |  Unclaimed Clothing Etc

Parents may inspect our unclaimed clothing box at any time. The unclaimed clothing  container is kept in the room next to the medical room. Items are easily and quickly  found if they are clearly named. Unfortunately, every year we have to dispose of a great number of unclaimed, unnamed belongings.

Peer Mediators

Staff are supported in the playground by senior students in the Role as Peer Mediators. Their role is to identify students who are upholding the playground expectations and reward them with Dojo points.

Progress Reports

Progress reports are sent our twice a year to indicate where their child sits within their learning journey. Each child has a Mauri Ora plan (Plan o Potential) in their classroom. This is a tracked record of their progress within each curriculum level.

Road Patrol

Senior pupils help our active supervisor to keep all our children safe by patrolling Alexandra Street. We ask you to help ensure everyone’s safety by reminding your children of road rules, ensuring they obey the Patrol Monitors and setting a good example yourself when dropping off and picking up children.


At the start of the year all pupils should come to school with the stationery from the list issued at the end of the previous year. Children are expected to have the correct gear to work with and may buy pens and a limited supply of other stationery items from the office during the year, before school each day.